Via email from Humana:

"Due to a system limitation of the Federal Marketplace, when a consumer is enrolled in both a medical and dental plan through the Marketplace, termination of one plan automatically terms the other, even if the plans are through different carriers."

Note that this is not because Ms Shecantberious nor Ms Burntwell have so decreed (for once!), but is a glitch within the 404Care site itself. So what's the recommended solution?

Oh, you'll love this:

"A consumer who wishes to drop one plan ... but keep the other, will need to ensure the Marketplace call center rep understands [this] ... The Marketplace agent can then initiate a Health Insurance Casework System (HICS) inquiry to the carrier of the plan they wish to keep, in order to keep the coverage active."

Easy-peasy lemon squeazy, right?

Um, that's what they thought, too:

"Thousands of Americans who have asked the federal government to fix errors on their Obamacare applications aren’t likely to get solutions anytime soon."


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