What does politics and religion have to do with insurance?

Actually quite a bit.

The insurance industry is heavily regulated, some say over-regulated, by government. These days government is more about politics than it is about doing what is right for the citizens.

And religion?

Like it or not, religion also plays a part in your insurance benefits. Consider the (still ongoing) political and religious battle over the birth control mandate in Obamacare.

Being more of a Libertarian than anything else, it would be nice if there were less intrusion into insurance by politics AND religion.

But the recent shellacking of Rep. Eric Cantor made headlines for a lot of reasons. Many said he was out of touch.

He was.

Others said he was more interested in power than the people.

True as well.

But this bit, buried in an op ed piece really annoys me.
David Wasserman, a House political analyst at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, said another, more local factor has to be acknowledged: Mr. Cantor, who dreamed of becoming the first Jewish speaker of the House, was culturally out of step with a redrawn district that was more rural, more gun-oriented and more conservative.
“Part of this plays into his religion,” Mr. Wasserman said. “You can’t ignore the elephant in the room.”
 NY Times via Atlanta Journal Constitution

Mr. Cantor lost because he is Jewish?



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