Hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, oh my. In the Property/Casualty business, these often evolve into so-called "cat [catastrophic] claims." When that happens, carriers mobilize adjusters from all over to handle the massive influx of claims, often in the immediate aftermath, when infratsructure is compromised and housing difficult to come by.

Now comes one carrier with some outside-the-bun thinking:

"[USAA] ... asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to test unmanned aircraft last week, becoming the first insurance provider to seek an exemption."

No, they're not talking about firing off checks via drone:

"Area imagery provided by drones would be used in collaboration with reports from adjusters on the ground."

So a carrier could actually make do with less personnel on the ground while still providing necessary and timely claims service. USAA is still waiting for the all-clear to get started, but this looks very promising.