Earlier this week, Bob reported on the egregious case of the British parents arrested for daring to save their son's life. He noted at the post that "[i]t is a good thing this can't happen here."

Regular readers will recognize the sarcasm, but it turns out that it's no laughing matter:

"Maine Gov. Paul LePage reversed state bureaucrats and vowed to defy a state Supreme Court court ruling if necessary to back a teen mom seeking to lift a "Do Not Resuscitate" order from her one-year-old baby, who was allegedly shaken into a coma but miraculously recovered."

Little Aleah Peaslee, in a coma since being shaken and abused by her father, "unexpectedly regained consciousness not long after being placed in the arms of her mother." The challenge is that she's likely suffered significant brain damage as a result of the abuse and the coma, and the state child welfare bureauweenies care only about that part of the equation.

Budgets are sacrosanct, don'tcha know.

So, the case now heads to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, where proceedings will, well, proceed beginning on the 23rd. In a twist, the court's actual decision may itself be moot: "[Governor] LePage told FoxNews.com he will not allow state child welfare officials to usurp a parent’s rights regardless of what either court says."

Which may also set up some interesting legal fireworks.

Meantime, Baby Aleah continues to live, despite the child "welfare" agency's best efforts. We'll keep an eye on this one.


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