Alert reader Jeff M sends along this timely reminder of the upheaval the ObamaTax has had on those most vulnerable:

"Two of Pattie Curran’s three sons have rare bone marrow failure syndrome combined with a secondary mitochondrial disease ... this Piedmont-Triad family “has witnessed their family’s insurance coverage slip away as premiums, deductibles, and medication co-pays have drastically increased"

And that's just for things that are covered. It actually gets worse.

Much, much worse:

"Pattie has now been notified that her sons’ life-saving compounded medications will be dropped from coverage all together as of September 15"

September 15 - hey, that's today!

And this despite her son's doc, who diagnosed the Mitochondrial Disease in the first place, actually wrote a letter to the carrier explaining why the med was so critical, and that there's really no substitute for it.

The challenge with ObamaPlans is that which plagues any "one size fits all" program; it's only half the sentence: "... but not very well." In order to comply with ObamaTax regs, carriers have had to re-write their plans to fit a band of specific benefits - no more, no less.

It's probably not much consolation to Ms Curran that her son's policy does cover birth control pills.

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