[In case you missed it, HHS also wants you to meet Howard]

Lupita and her nine year old daughter are uninsured. She works at a dental office as a dental assistant. She scrapes by every month trying to earn a few extra dollars by staying late just to make sure she and her daughter "have enough" at the end of the month. According to her story over at hhs.gov, she is really looking forward to the value Obamacare will bring to she and her daughter.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for a dental assistant is $33,470. Assuming she is making this amount, the cost for her to purchase insurance through the marketplace Exchange would equate to 5.41% of her income or $2,294 per year. While that will clearly be less than the full premium, for Lupita to make up the $191 of monthly income she will have to pick up an additional 140+ hours of work per year just to come close to breakeven.

There is an alternative: continue to go bare and only have to pay a tax; I mean "shared responsibility payment" of roughly $240.