The most transparent administration in history, except in matters involving their own mischief, is about to pull back the curtain on how much doctors earn.

The Obama administration announced on Wednesday that it will for the first time reveal how much Medicare pays individual doctors for medical services and procedures, including MRIs and CT scans.
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Really doc? Medicare pays you $18 for an office visit? Maybe I should tip the receptionist on the way out.
The data to be released, which officials described as nearing 10 million lines of information, will show the number and type of health services each professional delivered through Medicare Part B in 2012 and how much the program paid for them.
I wonder if this will be printed in book form and mailed out to anyone who asks?
All told, HHS officials said the data covers 6,000 different types of services and procedures that cost Medicare a total of $77 billion. 
And what purpose will this serve?

I wonder how many people actually read their EOB?


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