First, from our friend Holly R, the good news:

"5 Body Parts Scientists Can 3-D Print"

As we've mentioned before, this tech is a potential game changer for dealing with diseased or damaged organs, blood vessels, even bones.

Now the bad:

"Gallup surveyed 1,021 U.S. adults ages 18 and older in mid-August, it found only 15 percent of all participants “were very familiar” with PPACA. Eighteen percent said they were “not too familiar,” and 12 percent admitted they were “not all familiar” with the law."

Now admittedly, this is only "bad news" to proponents of the train wreck. That is, after all the money and efforts thrown at educating the public about the (supposed) benefits of the ObamaTax, for its most crucial demographic to be this uninformed is quite amusing.

Oh, and this just in: President Obama's promise that premiums would decrease 3000% under the ObamaTax appears to be coming true:

"The average employer-provided family health insurance premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009"

This from the right-wingers at the Kaiser Family Foundation, so there's that.